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'Funny Fail | Dog Unable To Enter Home With A Stick In His Mouth'

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'''This is the adorable footage of a goofy dog struggling to enter his house with a long stick in his mouth. The pup doesn't realize what's stopping him from squeezing through the narrow opening is the piece of wood that won't fit! The filmer of this clip, Amanda A told us: "This is our dog, Waylon. He loves finding large sticks in the yard and showing them off to anyone in the house. On the morning of November 5, he was able to find a large branch that fell in our yard after a night full of high winds." She continued: "He was so proud of finding the branch and tried to rush inside to bring it to me (while I was still sleeping). However, he then found himself unable to squeeze through the door with the massive branch in his mouth." Amanda added: "Waylon has brought endless happiness and laughter to our small family and continues to do so every day. We love him all the same and would love to share his goofiness with the world and bring laughter to others." Name: Peter Joca Location: Jacksonville Beach, Florida, USA'''

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